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Loose Teeth

Loose teeth are one of the most common gum disease symptoms in advanced cases of periodontal disease. If you feel your teeth shifting back and forth, your teeth and gums have already experienced damage from an infection. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Thomas Kintonis in Las Vegas, NV for immediate treatment of your gum disease symptoms.

Why Do I Have Loose Teeth?

While loose teeth could be the result of injury, they are most often the result of periodontal disease. The bacteria that cause gum disease destroy the connective fibers and bone that support your teeth. Gum disease is progressive, and without treatment will eventually result in further deterioration of bone and tooth loss. This occurs in advanced stages, long after the initial gum disease symptoms begin. Additional gum disease symptoms include bleeding or swollen gum tissues.

Preventing Loose Teeth

The best treatment is always prevention. Loose teeth can be prevented with proper care of your teeth. Brushing a minimum of twice per day, flossing at least once per day, and regular dental checkups and cleanings will help you to avoid a periodontal infection. A link has been found between periodontal infections and some systemic illnesses. Proper nutrition, exercise, and taking your medications may make a great difference in your efforts to improve your oral health.

Treatment of gum disease in its early stages is crucial to preventing loose teeth and bone loss. There are many treatments available:

• Antibiotics may be used directly at the site of the infection.
• Scaling and root planing therapy may be performed to treat infection.
• Gum surgery may be scheduled to eliminate infection and diseased tissue.

Schedule Your Consultation for Gum Disease Symptoms

If you are experiencing gum disease symptoms or have noticed loose teeth, contact our office for your consultation. Dr. Thomas Kintonis in Las Vegas, NV can perform a thorough evaluation of your oral health and recommend the best treatment option to protect your smile.