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Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown is basically a cap that fits over your tooth. It is used when your tooth is broken, decayed, or worn down. A crown can be used to cover stains or misshapen teeth as well, giving a natural, even appearance to your smile. Dr. Thomas Kintonis utilize dental crowns and bridges to restore the appearance and function of damaged or missing teeth with cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas.

How Are Dental Crowns Placed?

A local anesthetic is administered to numb the treatment site. The tooth structure is then altered to accommodate the dental crown. An impression of the tooth is taken and a custom dental crown will be designed to fit the structure. This custom dental crown will be shaped and shaded to match the surrounding teeth and will be undetectable to others. You will wear a temporary crown in the interim.

Your crown will be ready within three weeks. After this time, you will return to our office so that we may remove your temporary crown and permanently bond your custom crown into place using dental cement. Some adjustments may be necessary to accommodate your bite.

What is a Bridge?

A bridge consists of a grouping of dental crowns used to replace a missing tooth. A three unit bridge, for example, is comprised of three crown units which are bonded together in a row. The middle crown unit spans the space of the missing tooth while the two end units are used to support the bridge by bonding them to your natural teeth. Thus, your natural teeth serve as anchors for the entire bridge, providing permanence and stability.

Schedule Your Consultation for Crowns and Bridges

If you are unhappy with your large fillings or removable tooth replacement, make an appointment with Dr. Thomas Kintonis for cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas. A new crown or bridge can drastically improve the appearance and function of your smile.