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Dental Implant Information

Dental implants are now the most recommended tooth replacement method for missing teeth in adults due in part to their natural appearance, ability to preserve bone health, and their ease of maintenance. Dr. Thomas Kintonis often recommend a dental implant procedure in Las Vegas in the place of dentures and other tooth replacement methods.

Dental implants were first placed in the 1960s and the technology has only improved over time. Dental implants look just like your natural teeth and are permanently secured in your mouth. When you have a dental implant, no one will be able to tell the difference by looking at your smile. Even the maintenance is similar to that of your natural teeth, requiring only brushing and flossing as well as regular checkups. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of dentures and other temporary replacements for missing teeth in adults, which require a great deal of maintenance on the part of the patient and in many instances, special dietary restrictions.

Dental implants also impact your overall health and appearance. When a tooth is lost, the jaw bone begins to deteriorate at the site of missing teeth in adults. This degradation of bone is progressive and can eventually alter the structure of your jaw and face. However, the titanium post that is used to anchor your restoration effectively performs the function of a tooth root. This results in a stimulation of the jaw bone, thereby helping to prevent the process of bone loss. While dentures do replace missing teeth, they unfortunately do nothing to prevent bone loss as they simply rest upon the gums. In fact, this progressive bone loss may result in numerous refittings of your dentures to adapt them to your changing bone structure.

Patients of Dr. Thomas Kintonis report a greater quality of life after the dental implant procedure in Las Vegas than those who opt for temporary methods to replace missing teeth in adults.