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Gum Recession

Gum recession is a common symptom of advanced periodontal disease and is one of the most visible. Gum recession makes the teeth appear longer and exposes their root surfaces to bacteria. Dr. Thomas Kintonis in Las Vegas, NV treat gum recession and other gum disease symptoms.

Why Do I Have Gum Recession?

As the bacteria that cause gum disease destroy the connective fibers and supporting bone around your teeth, the infected gum tissue may begin to recede, appearing to shrink down the tooth. Healthy gums act as a barrier to bacteria, helping to keep your teeth free of disease. Gum recession, however, increases the risk of decay and infection.

Preventing Gum Recession

A proper oral hygiene routine is the best prevention. Brushing properly twice per day and flossing at least once per day is a good start. Regular dental cleanings and checkups ensure that our dental professionals can monitor your oral health and intervene in the earliest stages of your gum disease symptoms. Early treatment of periodontal infections will help to prevent receding gums and loose teeth from occurring.

Treating Gum Recession

Before recession may be treated, the periodontal infection must first be controlled. Gum disease can be addressed with the use of antibiotics, scaling and root planing therapy, or gum surgery. Once the infection is eliminated, gum grafting is the preferred method of treatment to correct gum recession.

Gum grafting is performed by taking gum tissue from one part of your mouth and transferring it to the exposed tooth root. The tissue is secured in place with sutures and will integrate with the existing gum tissue over time, restoring the barrier of higher, healthier gum lines.

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