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Composite Fillings

Gone are the days when having a cavity meant that you had to fill your mouth with metal. Today’s composite fillings, or resin fillings, are shaped and shaded to match your natural teeth. The composite fillings placed by Dr. Thomas Kintonis and Dr. Zachary Soard are undetectable and help to strengthen your teeth with cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas.

Traditional metal, or amalgam, fillings have fallen out of popularity due to concerns over the use of mercury in dental procedures and the unsightly gray cast that they leave on the teeth. Composite fillings, however, contain no metal or mercury and meld perfectly with your remaining tooth structure. This is accomplished with a distinct application used for composite fillings.

Dental Procedures to Place Composite Fillings

When Dr. Thomas Kintonis are placing a composite filling, they will first remove any decay or existing filling material from the tooth structure. The composite is then placed and shaded to match your teeth. This material is layered onto the tooth, with each layer hardened or cured using a special dental curing light. Each layer is bonded to the next, bolstering the tooth structure and making it stronger. When the layers are complete, the filling is shaped for appearance and also adjusted to fit your bite. The doctor will then polish your fillings to prevent staining and wear.

• Composite fillings can be used anywhere in the mouth and are often used to treat visible teeth due to their ability to blend into their surroundings.
• Composite dental procedures are excellent options for large cavities that are not quite large enough to require a crown, as composite material strengthens the tooth structure.
• Patients who already have metal fillings may get a mini smile makeover by trading in their metal fillings for composite.

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