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Reasons for Extractions

A tooth extraction is widely regarded as a last resort since your permanent, adult teeth are meant to last throughout your lifetime. Dr. Thomas Kintonis in Las Vegas, NV encourage patients to maintain their healthy, natural teeth for as long as they can due to the fact that missing teeth in adults can create so many health consequences. There are, however, a few circumstances in which a tooth extraction is recommended.

Why Would I Opt for a Tooth Extraction?

• If you have substantial tooth decay and your tooth cannot be saved, even with root canal therapy or other treatments, a tooth extraction may be necessary to prevent the further spread of decay and infection to your other teeth.
• When undergoing orthodontic treatment, it may be recommended to extract one or more teeth due to overcrowding of the mouth. In some cases, a permanent tooth cannot erupt properly because it is blocked by another tooth. The tooth that poses the obstacle must be extracted so that the permanent tooth may be guided in to its proper place.
• If you have loose teeth due to periodontal disease, extractions may be necessary. Periodontal disease damages the connective tissue and bone that support the teeth, thereby creating loose teeth which can have a negative impact on your health.
• A serious illness could put you at risk for infection due to a compromised immune system. If your health is precarious, it is possible that an infected tooth could threaten your well-being. In this case, a tooth extraction would likely be necessary.
• When replacing missing teeth or decaying, loose teeth with dentures or dental implants, extractions are necessary to remove any teeth that may still be present.

Schedule Your Consultation for a Tooth Extraction

If you have loose teeth or believe that you need a tooth extracted, schedule your consultation with Dr. Thomas Kintonis in Las Vegas, NV. After a brief evaluation, we can review with you the options for saving your tooth or for tooth replacement.