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Functional Crown Lengthening

While periodontal plastic surgery is often thought of as an esthetic procedure to fix a gummy smile, functional periodontal plastic surgery is generally incorporated into restorative procedures to gain greater access to a broken or decayed tooth. Dr. Thomas Kintonis perform crown lengthening cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas.

If you break a tooth below the gum line or if so little of the structure is remaining that it cannot be easily restored, functional periodontal plastic surgery lowers the gum line to allow greater access and visibility to the tooth root. This allows us to reshape the supporting bone and gum tissue, creating an improved foundation for a future tooth restoration.

What to Expect During Functional Periodontal Plastic Surgery

As is similar to the procedure to correct a gummy smile, we will begin by administering an anesthetic to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Incisions are made in the gums and tissue is removed, exposing more of the root. At this point, we may reshape the bone and gum tissue. Once this has been accomplished, the treatment area will be rinsed of any debris and closed with sutures. A bandage may be used to cover the sutures.

After the Procedure

You may experience some swelling and minimal bleeding after the procedure and may be given a prescription pain medication. We may give you a special mouth rinse and will provide you with post-surgical instructions to maintain your health and comfort following your procedure. Your sutures will be removed in one to two weeks, though it will take roughly six to eight weeks to heal. It is at this point that the final restoration crown or bridge may be placed.

Schedule Crown Lengthening

To learn more about how crown lengthening may be used to correct a gummy smile or facilitate cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas, contact our office to schedule your crown lengthening consultation with Dr. Thomas Kintonis.